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What do we do?

TX Votes is a nonpartisan, non-advocacy civic engagement organization that fosters a robust culture of democratic participation at the University of Texas at Austin. Our collaborative and service-oriented approach to civic engagement encourages students, faculty, and staff to vote, volunteer, advocate for causes they value, and be engaged citizens.

TX Votes is made up of students majoring in a wide array of degrees from Biology, English, Computer Science, Government, Political Communication to Studio Art. We are nonpartisan, so we will never tell you who or what to vote for -- just that you should vote!




Scott Poole

Vice President


Jillian Hester

Chief VDR


Vincent Tomasetti

CEA Chair


Johnathan Sicard

Program Coordinator

Cole Wilson - Program Coordinator 2.png

Cole Wilson

Program Coordinator

Krista Gehlhausen - Program Coordinator

Krista Gehlhausen

Vice CEA Chair


Ellie Nicholson




Committee Chair: Kishlaya Rastogi

Committee Chair: Sebastian Bourbon


The Research Committee is working to develop research that answers questions of what influences students to vote and what barriers stand in the way of student voters.


Lucas Barr - Communications 1.jpg
Luke Sumpter - Secretary.jpg

Committee Chair: Lucas Barr

Committee Chair: Luke Sumpter


The Events Committee  planning events for TX Votes, including events like the Last Night to Register to Vote Celebration, Election Night Watch Parties, Vote Early Day, socials for TX Votes members, and diverse and informative panels.


tx votes clear.png

Committee Chair: Hillary Xu

Junior Chair: Katelyn Hawkins


The STEM Committee is committed to encouraging UT Austin STEM students, who have historically voted at lower rates than the rest of campus, to turn out to vote through voter registration activities and educational activities related to the intersection of political participation and STEM.


asha ayyar.jpg
Aaron Lurin.png

Committee Chair: Asha Ayyar

Committee Chair: Aaron Lurin


The Digital Committee works to reach students in a digital manner to ensure they know about elections and have access to important election information. They have worked on the Election Care Packages, designed and developed a new website for TX Votes, created an educational civics newsletter, and curated a multilingual voting video library.


tx votes clear.png

The Nonpartisanship Committee acts as a guiding council when issues of partisanship arise in the organization and guides students when they aren't sure how to answer questions about partisanship.



Committee Chairs: Marissa Engert


The Fundraising Committee raises money for TX Votes through off and on-campus grants, Hornraiser, 40 for Forty, and t-shirt sales.


2019 Outstanding Student Organization Tower Award Recipient

2018 Voter Friendly Campus Designation

2017 Outstanding Student Organization Tower Award Recipient

2016 Voter Friendly Campus Designation

2016 ALL IN Campus Democracy Challenge Bronze Seal Award

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