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Important Dates

Texas Registration Deadline

October 5

Texas Absentee Ballot Application Due

October 23

Texas Early Voting Period

October 13-30

National Election Day

November 3

Last day to receive Ballot by Mail for Texas

November 3, 7PM

Step-by-Step Voting Guide

You'll need:

  • Your Texas Driver’s License or State ID number

  • Name of your County in Texas



How are you voting?



If TurboVote doesn’t work for you then you can also:


Fill out the online voter registration form, print it out, and mail the form to your county’s election clerk. Find the address of your county’s election clerk here.

If you’re not registered at your current address OR you’re not registered to vote:

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In-person voting occurs during two periods, so first, decide which one you will vote in:

I'm voting early

  • Lines tend to be shorter during early voting! 

  • There is weekend voting during early voting!

  • Check the hours before you go vote here. You should check 1-2 days before you go for updated information!

I'm voting on Election Day

Election Day voting is from 7 AM – 7 PM. 

Decide where you want to vote

  • You can view your polling locations in Texas here. This will be most up to date in the days prior to the polls opening.

Prep what you need to bring to the polls

  • Acceptable Voter ID (A complete list of forms of acceptable ID is available here)

  • Paper copy of your ballot choices from

Go to the polls and cast your vote! A big thank you from TX Votes for your civic participation and engagement!

Acceptable forms of voter ID (click to expand)

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Determine if you’re eligible to vote by mail.

There are four potential qualifications to vote by mail:

  • being 65 years or older

  • being disabled

  • being confined in jail, but otherwise eligible

  • being out of the county on election day and during the period for early voting by personal appearance


​Get your application for voting by mail


Download and print out the application online.


Fill out the application to vote by mail,


Use this presentation to guide you through the process.


​Mail your vote by mail application in

Seal the form and add postage:​​​​

  • If you printed your form, fold your form, place it in an envelope, seal, and add postage.

  • If your form was delivered to you from the Secretary of State, fold your form in half, moisten the top tab, seal, and add postage. ​​​

Address the envelope to your county election official, who’s address you can find here.


Your Absentee Ballot typically takes two weeks to come in the mail.


You can call your county’s election clerk to check on the status, if it’s been more than two weeks.


Find your county’s election clerk’s contact information here.


Once your ballot comes in the mail, don’t forget about for ballot information!


Mail your ballot in

Follow the instructions on your mail-in ballot to send it back with postage affixed. It is due at 7 PM on Election Day. Send it in as soon as possible as the ballot may take another two weeks to get delivered to the county!


Congratulations! A big thank you from TX Votes for your civic participation and engagement!

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